Convenient car washing service within the mall

  • Chili's

    Known for it's delicious food served in a lively ambiance. It's make for an ideal dining location for both friends and family.

    East Arcade,Ground Floor, Restaurant #12

  • Costa Coffee

    The first Costa Coffee was poured in 1999 in Dubai and in our never ending pursuit for the perfect cup of coffee we welcome all our patrons to our store at First Avenue Mall

    West Arcade,Ground Floor, Restaurant #5

  • Fresh Now Daily Vending

    Fresh juice squeezed in 50 seconds

  • Kababji

    Spreading the flavour of fine authentic Lebanese cooking. We are a health conscious brand committed to offering healthy and soulful food through quality ingredients and ethical cooking.

    Ground Floor, Restaurant #11

  • Krispy Kreme

    With our mission to touch and enhance lives through the joys of Doughts since 1937, we have come a long way of serving generations of customers with our one-of-a-kind flavored doughnuts and Krispy Kreme Signature coffee blends.

    West Arcade,Ground Floor, Shop#02

  • Nar Café

    A modern ambiance, complemented with hints of Arabia, makes for the perfect gathering for family and friends. Nar serves Mediterranean cuisine with a twist and in addition to the indoor dining areas it also has a shisha lounge and majlis.

    East Arcade,Ground Floor, Restaurant#15

  • Pretzel World

    Our pretzels range from both, sweet to savory toppings. Customers get to enjoy our skilled staff rolling and twirling fresh dough right in front of their eyes!

    Ground Floor, Shop# 07

  • Projeto acai


    Shake Shack® is a modern day “roadside” burger stand known for its delicious burgers, flat-top dogs, frozen custard and more.

  • Starbucks

    The Starbucks Experience is more than a cup of coffee. To inspire and nurture the human spirit— one person, one cup, and one neighbourhood at a time. With more than 16,000 retail locations across the globe, Starbucks is very excited to open at Motor City.

    Ground Floor, Shop# 25

  • Sushi Art

    Discover our chic japanese restaurant with amazingly hand crafted sushi rolls, sashimi and Maki. Sushi Art provides the ultimate experience of food and japanese décor

    Ground Floor, Shop# 08

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